A Guide to our Wedding Ring Pillows & Holders

A Guide to our Wedding Ring Pillows & Holders

When your ring pillow or holder is personalised to create an individual piece, it will do far more than just hold rings but also carry the memories with you. Let's explore the variety of styles available:- classic, traditional or contemporary. Whatever your preference, they all need to have a unique personalised element that makes them a true keepsake for your special day.

'Marriage is like a golden ring in a chain, whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is eternity.' - Khalil Gibran

The traditional classic ring pillow

The timeless classic is the traditional square shaped ring pillow. The most requested size has been 20cm x 20cm. This has the advantage of being easy to carry for the often little (or shaking) hands of the chosen ring bearer. This size also allows the embroiderer the required space to perform their craft unrestricted, when monogramming and adding the date of the wedding day.

A Guide to our Wedding Ring Pillows & Holders
A Guide to our Wedding Ring Pillows & Holders


Colours & themes

When it comes to colour themes, brides often choose to match with the bridesmaid's dress. In our experience, we have found that the ribbon can be the ideal place to add a colour accent, so adding the highest quality handmade frayed silk ribbon is vital for this focal point. Ivory satin thread for the embroidered text on matching fabric is a timeless classic. However, always check with us to see if we have a particular coloured thread (we have lots!) that you may prefer - matt gold & silver thread being a popular choice for monograms. The final addition of thinner, fine satin ribbon ring ties ensures the rings are delivered securely and do not distract from the centerpiece of the pillow - the wedding rings themselves.

Beyond the day, the time invested in a handmade personalised ring pillow, cushion or holder to make it just right for you, will elevate it to a treasured keepsake.

The heart shaped ring pillow

 A Guide to our Wedding Ring Pillows & Holders   A Guide to our Wedding Ring Pillows & Holders


With deep historical origins and an unmistakable meaning, the heart shape is the accepted symbol of love. We have taken this eternal shape and combined a  contemporary twist by adding a range of hand dyed, hand frayed silk ribbons that bring the tradition of 'tying the knot' into your ring pillow design. The carefully placed ribbons allow for fine embroidered monograms or floral wreaths, this design perfectly balances tradition with new beginnings. 

An alternative ring holder

If you are seeking something just that little bit different, then the embroidery hoop could be the perfect alternative to a traditional ring pillow. This style is taken from the actual wooden hoop that the crafter would carefully work within. With echoes of a traditional Summer wedding, the floral wreath conjures images of fresh bridal flowers, signifying the beginning of your new life and growth together. The floral wreath design links to the eternal circular symbol of marriage, the wedding rings themselves.
   A Guide to our Wedding Ring Pillows & Holders
A Guide to our Wedding Ring Pillows & Holders
Being able to select a particular favourite colour palette for the flowers makes this a truly personalised and even symbolic piece for the couple. If you want it to be inspired by the colour of your bouquet then let us know. Sized at just over 11cm diameter, there's enough space to showpiece the wedding rings, yet easy to hold in little hands and large enough for this alternative wedding ring holder to become a wedding keepsake you both will treasure.

Which ring pillow is right for you?

Make sure you choose the colours and design that sparks joy and happy memories of your wedding day. So long as you love it, then it's perfect. Invest in a piece that will stay with you, as you have many years ahead of you both! 

 A Guide to our Wedding Ring Pillows & Holders 

A Guide to our Wedding Ring Pillows & Holders
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